HO2ME / Chamber for Sacral oxygen therapy

HO2ME: CHAMBER FOR COMPARTMENTAL SACRAL OXYGEN THERAPY that prevents the formation of bedsores in patients confined to bed for long periods of time and heals any previously formed bedsore. The bedsores, also called pressure lesions or pressure ulcers, are injuries of skin and tissue resulted from prolonged pressure on the skin that interrupts direct blood flow to an area of the body. Among the most affected areas, is that of the buttocks, with insufficient blood supply.

People most at risk of bedsores are those paralysed or with a medical condition that confines them to bed for a long time, requiring the use of a wheelchair or limiting their ability to change positions.

HO2ME: CHAMBER FOR SACRAL OXYGEN THERAPY was designed, developed and patented by MECCANICA STM srl, distributor and manufacturer, using the same principle of the normobaric chamber for limbs.