HO2ME is a normobaric chamber that enables applying the oxygen therapy technique for the treatment of chronic and acute lesions of the lower limbs through direct administration of oxygen to the site of the lesion.

The compartmental oxygen therapyenables focused and localized exposure of the lesion to the oxygen that flows at a pressure similar to the one of the air we breath.

Tissue repair is influenced by many factors such as hypoxia, a consequence of the considerable reduction of oxygen peripheral perfusion, that might slow down or prevent the healing process. Hypoxia inhibits the healing process, reducing the collagen of fibroblasts, hindering the cellularity of the granulation tissue and promoting infection. The compartmental oxygen therapy, that allows direct administration of oxygen to the damaged tissue, ensures quick healing of the wound as it stimulates revascularization of the affected area, promoting the activity of leukocytes and speeding up tissue regeneration.

HO2ME provides NON invasive treatment, eliminates the negative side effects of other types of oxygen therapies, increasing patient compliance and reducing costs.